Fortnite Codes Creative 1484391690


Q: How do I publish my Fortnite Creative maps?

A: You just need to go to the website and click on submit map and fill out form and click on send and you can also check your map status by clicking on "Check the status of submission"

Q: Why aren't my maps getting approved?

A: We have a lot of submissions so it takes time, please be patient.

Q: Why won't my map submit? (invalid map code error)

A: If your map is not submitted successfully then there will be invalid code or the image uploaded is not supported

Q: How can I update my map code?

A: You can update and delete your map by clicking the Dashboad. In Dashboard there are three options , select EDIT MAPS and now, you can edit your map.

Q: When will my map be published to Dropnite?

A: You can check the status of your map.It usually takes 15 minutes